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Webinar Invite: Simulate Trimming for Circuit Quality of Smart IC Design on April 6th

Many thanks for your past interest in our EDA tools and solutions for automated circuit migration, verification, sizing, and optimization of custom Circuit IC and IP. Our next webinar Simulate Trimming for Circuit Quality of Smart IC Design is upcoming on Wednesday April 6th 2022, and I want invite you to join this very interesting new topic. 

Advanced semiconductor nanometer technology nodes, together with smart IC design applications enable today very complex and powerful systems for communication, automotive, data transmission, AI, IoT, medical, industry, energy harvesting, and many more. However, more aggressive time-to-market and higher performance requirements force IC designers to look for advanced and seamless design flows, tools & methodologies to overcome these challenges. In this context for high-precision circuit applications, quality trimming is becoming a very important step before tape-out because the increased performance variation induced by process statistics cannot be reduced only at design level.

Most of today’s trimming applications are based on Monte Carlo Analysis to ensure that a trimming step is executed for each simulation sample. Unfortunately, most of the time this task requires custom scripts to setup the right sequence of multiple simulations and cannot be reliable for high-sigma robustness application (beyond 3 sigma) at long tail distributions.

MunEDA provides an enhanced Dependent Test Feature for circuit trimming within its EDA design tool suite WiCkeD. This ensures for each simulation sample an easy-to-use and seamless trimming procedure as well as controlled switching of operating conditions, suitable for circuit verification, high-sigma robustness and circuit sizing/optimization.

This webinar is in partnership with SemiWiki and MunEDA

Register for this webinar here:

MunEDA Webinar – Simulate Trimming for Circuit Quality of Smart IC Design – Apr 6th

All registered people can call this webinar also on demand after Apr 6th, in case they missed the date.

With best regards,

Andreas Ripp, Vice President Sales & Marketing, MunEDA


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