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WiCkeDTM EDA Tools for process migration,
sizing, and verification of custom IC

Speed up and efficiency improvement for your analog circuit design

Circuit Porting & Migration Tools

Circuit & IP Porting
Schematic Porting
Technology Migration
Foundry Migration
and more…

Circuit Sizing & Optimization Tools

Circuit Analysis & Verification Tools

Sensitivity & Trimming
PVT Corner Analysis
Fast PVT / Monte Carlo
and more…

Circuit High Sigma & Variation Tools

Variation Analysis
Yield & Reliability Analysis
High Sigma Monte Carlo
PVT & Worst Case Analysis
Machine Learning
and more…

Download MunEDA Handflyer Tools Overview here

Migration from one mountain top to the next

Tools for Automated Circuit Porting, Scaling & IP Migration

MunEDA Schematic Porting Tool for circuit schematic migration and IP porting between different process technologies

Tools for Circuit Sizing Optimization & Design Centering

Meet performance specifications over all types of variation, design and operation parameters with MunEDA sizing & optimization tools

Find best solution of your circuit sizing

We are…

Providing leading technology

MunEDA provides leading EDA technology for analysis and optimization of yield and performance of analog, mixed-signal and digital designs.

Reducing customers design times

MunEDA’s products and solutions enable customers to reduce the design times of their circuits and to maximize robustness and yield.

Used by leading companies

MunEDA’s solutions are in industrial use by leading semiconductor companies in the areas of communication, computer, memories, automotive, and consumer electronics.

Analyse and Verify what is the best

Circuit Analysis & Verification Tools

Analyze and verify your circuit designs for constraints, performance specifications, PVT operating and process parameters, global and mismatch variation, reliability and others

Circuit High Sigma & Variation Tools

Verify your circuits for high and ultra high sigma robustness with MunEDA silicon proven and outstanding variation verification tools

Part of a computer


“MunEDA WiCkeD is a substantial part of our reliability-based design flow for our CMOS and FDSOI technologies. WiCkeD enables the designer to consider the performance degradation with high accuracy, efficiency in a fully automated way.”


Let’s work together on your
next design project

Use MunEDA tools and support to speed up efficiency,
quality and outcome of your next circuit design project