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Circuit Analysis & Verification Tools

Sensitivity Analysis, PVT & Performance & Reliability Analysis and more …

MunEDA WiCkeDTM Tool Suite

Circuit Analysis &
Verification Tools

MunEDA WiCkeDTM Circuit Analysis & Verification is a powerful integrated tool suite for circuit analysis and verification. It includes fast circuit analyses for performance-parameter sensitivity, operating regions, symmetry constraints, corners, process variation, local variation, mismatch, yield, aging & reliability, trimming, interactive optimization and more. Seamlessly integrated into standard circuit design environments and delivering a parallelized circuit simulation interface with numerous industry standard simulators simultaneously it enhances your existing design framework and methodology with best-in-class tools for circuit analysis and verification. This enhances the circuit design capabilities, efficiency, speed, quality and significantly reduces design time and effort.    

Enhanced Circuit Design Exploration

  • Full constraint- and specification-driven circuit design
  • Fast circuit analysis and diagnosis functionalities for circuit sensitivities, constraints, parameters, performances, PVT corners, variation, yield, reliability and more
  • Easy setup by automated generation of design constraints, GUI-driven parametrization, flexible import/export of performance setup and specification definitions
  • Multiple test benches supported to run simultaneously and in parallel with one or different circuit simulators
  • Parallel single- & multi-simulator Interface supporting industry standard SPICE simulation using multiple simulators from same or different vendors combined simultaneously

Advanced Circuit Design Analysis

  • Analyze your design to meet required performance specifications for all PVT corners
  • Fast PVT corners analysis and worst-case corner generation for all kind of process and environmental conditions simultaneously
  • Analyze process variation statistical effects with advanced fast Monte-Carlo methods
  • Detects and displays mismatch effects and parameter correlations
  • Area constraints handling and area-power-performance trade-off analysis

Best In-class Circuit Verification

  • Automated generation of structural circuit constraints by graph-based identification of many fundamental sub-structures (current mirrors, differential pairs, …)
  • Verify your circuit designs for high robustness, yield and reliability
  • Enhanced Monte Carlo features such as dynamic sampling, scaled sampling, quasiMC sampling
  • Monte Carlo at worst case corners, contributor analysis and fast sensitivities
  • Deterministic mismatch analysis and matching constraints handling
  • Interactive circuit performance optimization
  • Visualize results using standard waveform viewer integration
  • Design result documentation

MunEDA WiCkeD Circuit Analysis & Verification Tool Suite can be ideally complemented by

Tool Integration

Integration into standard industry design flow

  • Can be used on all kind of custom analog and mixed-signal IC, IP cells and libraries
  • Integrated and proven with numerous foundry PDK of world leading foundries (FinFET, FD-SOI, bulk CMOS, BiCMOS, Bipolar)
  • Fully integrated into industrial standard circuit design environments with automated highlighting, selection, and backannotation of results from and to framework, netlists and schematics.
  • Integrated with standard waveform viewers, extraction tools, job distribution tools.
  • Easy integration of inhouse simulators and external scripts by open simulation API and scripting interface.

Several user modes available

  • Full-integrated GUI mode with automatic parametrization, constraint setup and back-annotation
  • Easy to invoke netlist-based stand-alone mode integration with your preferred simulator
  • Scripting mode with full scriptable integration of all tools and functions for batch mode operation without GUI

Customer References

MunEDA circuit analysis and verification tools are successfully proven in numerous industrial circuit design projects with global semiconductor companies since many years.

ST Microelectronics: MunEDA WiCkeD is a substantial part of our reliability-based design flow for our CMOS and FDSOI technologies. WiCkeD enables the designer to consider the performance degradation with high accuracy, efficiency in a fully automated way.”

“MunEDA EDA Tools have been seamlessly integrated in the designflow of Infineon for more than a decade. The WiCkeD tool suite and integration has shown to be very valuable for the designers because it allows them to use a completely GUI-based operation of automated circuit migration, analysis and optimization inside the design framework.”

SMIC – Debugging & Verification of 40nm 10bit SAR ADC with MunEDA WiCkeD Variation Analysis tools – MunEDA PCM mapping flow to create global corners

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