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MunEDA Solutions & Applications

Low Power Tuning & Sizing for Custom Circuits (Analog, RF)

Optimize low power custom IC design effortlessly with MunEDA WiCkeD-automated tuning, yield-focused design, and robustness verification for diverse applications.

Memory Design (SRAM, DRAM, Flash, FPGA)

WiCkeD: Optimize memory cell design with high-sigma verification, automated optimization, and 10-100x faster efficiency.

Dependent Simulations & Circuit Trimming

WiCkeD combines results from diverse simulations for accurate analysis and optimization, ensuring consistency in statistical analysis and trimming scenarios.

Standard Cell & I/O Cell Design Optimization

WiCkeD for Standard & I/O Cell Design: Smart, fast, and reliable solutions for optimizing performance under diverse operating conditions, tackling the complexities of standard cell design efficiently.

High-Sigma Verification for SRAM Designs

WiCkeD provides robust yield estimation and high-sigma analysis for critical circuits like SRAM and CRAM, ensuring extremely low failure probabilities in diverse applications from memory to standard cells, ADCs, and PLLs.

Process Characterization & Backward Process Propagation

WiCkeD streamlines Monte Carlo simulation by correlating corner models, simplifying parameter calculations for design and production engineers.

RSM Circuit Modelling & Model Generation

WiCkeD RSM simplifies circuit design, offering response surface models for efficient simulation, optimization, and increased flexibility in analyzing complex circuits within larger systems.

…and many more

  • Custom IC Design Migration, Verification & Optimization
  • PCM Statistical Parameter Calculation
  • Yield Plotting
  • Circuit Sensitivity Analysis in FinFET Technologies
  • Fast Hierarchical & High Sigma Monte Carlo
  • Verification and Characterization of Analog Circuits
  • PVT & Worst Case Corner Run Analysis of Custom IC & IP

“With MunEDA WiCkeD we could reduce design time and effort significantly to optimize our control circuits of an LCL for radiation hardening”

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