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Circuit Sizing & Optimization Tools

Circuit Optimization made easy!

MunEDA WiCkeD™ Tool Suite

Circuit Sizing, Optimization & Design Centering

MunEDA WiCkeD™ is the industry’s most advanced and powerful EDA tool suite for circuit sizing, performance & yield optimization and design centering. Proven in many industrial design and tape-out IC projects of world-leading semiconductor companies, WiCkeD™ helps the circuit designer to improve the circuit design efficiency, decrease the risk of hidden failures and increase the circuit quality considering statistical variation effects of modern process technologies.

Tools & Features

  • FEO – Feasibility Analysis & Optimization defines and analyses circuit functionality based on the electrical, layout, area a.o. constraints running automatically netlist parametrization and optimizes and fulfills them automatically for best functionality
  • DNO – Deterministic Nominal Optimization – Machine Learning & Sensitivity based circuit optimization for nominal (typical) case and worst case operating corners
  • GNO – Global Nominal Optimization – Statistical and stochastic circuit optimization based on sampling and design-space exploration search algorithms
  • YOP – Yield Optimization – Machine Learning & Automated circuit yield and robustness optimization for high sigma and performance margins
  • REL – Reliability Option – includes and considers available reliability models and constraints for enhanced aging, degradation, area and other reliability influence factors

Benefits of MunEDA WiCkeDTM Circuit Sizing & Optimization

  • Machine-Learning & Automated performance tuning for all kind of custom analog and mixed-signal circuits (amplifier, transceiver, PLL, oscillators, mixer, data converter, filter and many more)
  • Yield, Robustness & High-Sigma optimization for 3-sigma, 6-sigma, 9-sigma and beyond
  • Trade-off improvement and optimization for performances, power, area, delay, noise
  • Minimize power, area, noise, mismatch, parasitics effects, design time & effort
  • Automated Yield, Robustness & Reliability Optimization
  • Fully supports optimization for post-layout effects and parasitics
  • Supports reliability constraints such as aging, degradation, margins, stress, and more
  • Silicon proven in numerous industrial design and tape-out projects of leading worldwide semiconductor companies

MunEDA WiCkeD Circuit Sizing & Optimization Tool Suite can be ideally complemented by

Tool Integration

Integration into standard industry design flow

  • Can be used on all kind of custom analog and mixed-signal IC, IP cells and libraries
  • Integrated and proven with numerous foundry PDK of world leading foundries (FinFET, FD-SOI, bulk CMOS, BiCMOS, Bipolar)
  • Fully integrated into industrial standard circuit design environments with automated highlighting, selection, and backannotation of results from and to framework, netlists and schematics.
  • Integrated with standard waveform viewers, extraction tools, job distribution tools.
  • Easy integration of inhouse simulators and external scripts by open simulation API and scripting interface.

Several user modes available

  • Full-integrated GUI mode with automatic parametrization, constraint setup and back-annotation
  • Easy to invoke netlist-based stand-alone mode integration with your preferred simulator
  • Scripting mode with full scriptable integration of all tools and functions for batch mode operation without GUI

Customer References

MunEDA circuit optimization tools are successfully proven in numerous industrial circuit design projects with global semiconductor companies since many years.

“MunEDA WiCkeD is effective to optimize characteristics, area and power-consumption of circuits with shorter design term. WiCkeD has many strengths as follows: excellent optimization algorithms, excellent analysis tools and graphs, useful functions besides optimization, customer friendly support system and onsite training.”

“WiCkeD nominal and feasibility optimization tools helped our R&D to fulfill all constraints, performance specifications at same time and even minimized the area of circuits like a bandgap voltage reference in 90nm technology”

“MunEDA WiCkeD confirmed as an efficient, complete tool, powerful for optimization.”

“We optimized with MunEDA WiCkeD SRAM and Mixed-Signal IP with GF 22FDX®-Technology under ULV conditions and adaptive bias voltages.”

“With MunEDA WiCkeD we could reduce design time and effort significantly to optimize our control circuits of an LCL for radiation hardening”

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