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Circuit Porting &
Migration Tools

Schematic Porting, Circuit Porting and IP Migration

MunEDA WiCkeD™ Tool Suite

SPT Schematic Porting Tool

MunEDA WiCkeD SPT Schematic Porting Tool is an EDA tool solution for horizontal and vertical circuit migration & IP porting of custom IC circuits between different process technologies. SPT helps the analog circuit designer with migrating analog IP

  • from older process nodes to newer technologies (IP reuse)
  • from one foundry to another (second sourcing)
  • from in-house process technologies to foundry technologies (going fabless)

Features of WiCkeD SPT Schematic Porting Tool:

  • Converts devices on original PDK to corresponding devices in the new target PDK
  • Automated schematic migration 10-100X faster than manual porting: within seconds instead of tedious manual work for weeks
  • Easy setup by a convenient GUI interface for all operations instead of error-prone in-house scripting
  • Flexible property mapping with configurable rules
  • Handles terminal name changes, different, extra or deleted terminals
  • Handles different positions, placement and orientation of schematic symbols
  • Supports output schematic & output device stretching
  • Includes user reference documentation for installation, configuration and usage
  • Fully integrated into Cadence® Virtuoso® custom design platform
  • Customer & silicon proven with many different foundry PDK

For more information on MunEDA SPT Schematic Porting Tool:

WiCkeD SPT – 4-Step Schematic Porting Tool Flow

WiCkeD SPT – Highlights

  • Automated schematic migration 10-100X faster than manual porting
  • Improves designers’ productivity and simplifies the migration tasks
  • Consistently achieves repeatable and verified results
  • Customer & silicon proven with many different foundry PDK

MunEDA WiCkeD SPT Schematic Porting Tool can be ideally complemented by

Tool Integration

Integration into standard industry design flow

  • Can be used on all kind of custom analog and mixed-signal IC, IP cells and libraries
  • Integrated and proven with numerous foundry PDK of world leading foundries (FinFET, FD-SOI, bulk CMOS, BiCMOS, Bipolar)
  • Fully integrated into industrial standard circuit design environments with automated highlighting, selection, and backannotation of results from and to framework, netlists and schematics.
  • Integrated with standard waveform viewers, extraction tools, job distribution tools.
  • Easy integration of inhouse simulators and external scripts by open simulation API and scripting interface.

Several user modes available

  • Full-integrated GUI mode with automatic parametrization, constraint setup and back-annotation
  • Easy to invoke netlist-based stand-alone mode integration with your preferred simulator
  • Scripting mode with full scriptable integration of all tools and functions for batch mode operation without GUI

Customer References

MunEDA circuit migration tools are successfully proven in numerous industrial circuit design projects with global semiconductor companies since many years.

HLMC Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation – Analog circuit migration and optimization of Bandgap Voltage References from 55nm to 40nm using MunEDA SPT Schematic Porting Tool & MunEDA WiCkeD sizing tools

SMIC – Migration & Optimization Sizing for extreme low power dissipation of bandgap designs with WiCkeD using MunEDA SPT Schematic Porting Tool & MunEDA WiCkeD sizing tools

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