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Analog Circuit Verification Methodology


  • MunEDA’s WiCkeD™: tool suite for transistor-level circuit analysis, widely used in semiconductor design
  • Analog circuit verification complex due to variation and mismatch.
  • Engineers select simulation methods based on circuit specifics.
  • Users gather data on simulation, variables, and requirements.
  • Steps include determining conditions, Monte Carlo, worst-case analysis, and outlier identification.


MunEDA’s software package WiCkeD™ is a tool suite for circuit analysis, sizing, and modeling at transistor level. WiCkeD provides circuit sensitivity analysis, statistical analyses (advanced Monte Carlo, high-sigma robustness, worst-case analysis), interactive sizing tools, and automatic circuit optimization tools (performance, area, variability, power). WiCkeD is used by leading semiconductor design teams for memory design, RF design, standard cell libraries and high-speed I/O design.