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Program Announcement MUGM 2023

We are pleased to announce our MunEDA User Group Meeting 2023.

MUGM 2023 is a 2-day in person onsite event and will take place on May 16th & 17th 2023 at the Le Méridien Munich, Germany.
Please feel free to register and attend.

The aim of the event is an intensive exchange of knowledge by experienced industrial and academic users. MUGM provides an open forum for all technologists interested in MunEDA’s EDA software tools. In addition to other contributions, one main focus of the MunEDA User Group Meeting 2023 is the special topic:

Circuit & IP Migration, Verification and Optimization

MunEDA User Group Meeting 2023 Program Agenda is now available and contains contributions from leading semiconductor companies, fabless design houses, foundries, research institutes and universities.

Participation for MUGM 2023 is free of charge but early registration and accommodation is highly recommended as conference seats are limited. Access & Admittance reserved.

Presentations at our MunEDA User Group Meeting 2023 in Munich will contain the following topics:

  • EDA Tools for circuit migration, verification, sizing & optimization and high-sigma validation
  • Circuit migration with SPT Schematic Porting tool in 40, 28, 22, 10 nm technologies
  • Linking MunEDA WiCkeD and Intelligent IP Layout Generators for Fast Analog IC Design and IP Reuse
  • Learning from the Implicit Functional Hierarchy in an Analog Netlist
  • Corner Verification and Performance Optimization with Ultra Low Power circuits in leading edge FinFET technologies
  • Low-Voltage Analyses of Standard Cells in 22FDX Technology
  • Standard Cell Characterization with LVF Liberty Variation Format and High-Sigma Methods for ULP Ultra Low Power
  • Methodology for Trimmed Circuits Sizing and PVT Optimization
  • Circuit migration & optimization of sigma-delta converters with corner analysis and mismatch in 55nm
  • Cooperative ML machine learning for design of electronic circuits and systems using robust simulation methods
  • Design Optimization of Voltage Controlled Ring Oscillators (VCRO)
  • Power Optimization for LO Buffers and PA+matching in a low-power SoC
  • New WiCkeD feature Cellset for topology change during optimization of RF circuits
  • High-Sigma Verification for SRAM and Standard Cell in leading edge technologies
  • EDA Ideas & Research Lab Germany – Potential and Strategies for worldwide Exploitation
  • Several MunEDA Tools demos and application tutorials
  • And more

You can access the MUGM 2023 Program Agenda here.


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