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SPT – Schematic Porting Tool: A Better way to do Schematic Conversion

Analog Design, Analog EDA


The webinar introduces a tool called “Schematic Porting Tool” (SPT) designed to address challenges faced by analog designers when migrating designs from one process design kit (PDK) to another. The primary focus is on schematic porting and migration for reusing design IPs while moving to a different foundry or geometry node. The tool aims to simplify the conversion process and provides an easy-to-use interface for setting up conversion rules.

The key steps covered in the webinar include:

  1. Migration Process: Focuses on reusing design IPs while moving between foundries or geometry nodes.
  2. Tool Features: SPT provides a user-friendly interface for setting up conversion rules, cell mappings, and symbol conversions.
  3. Challenges and Solutions: Highlights the difficulties of manual coding and design service companies. SPT offers an efficient solution for schematic porting.
  4. SPT Overview: Explains the main features, including the cell mapping table, property mapping rules, and symbol mapping rules.
  5. Simulation-Based Resizing: Emphasizes the importance of simulation-based resizing and optimization post-schematic migration.
  6. Tool Demo: Live demonstration of SPT showcasing its ease of use and the automatic calculation of transformations.
  7. Use Cases: Presents examples of batch mode migration, demonstrating significant time savings in manual tuning.
  8. Conclusion: Concludes with the importance of simulation-based optimization for accurate resizing and verification after schematic migration.