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Automated Design Migration & IP Porting

Automated Design Migration & IP Porting Flow for Custom Circuits

Automated Design Migration & Porting Flow – User Benefits

  • Customer proven and automated flow for Design Migration & IP Porting of existing IP between different process technologies
  • Fast Schematic Migration with MunEDA SPT Schematic Porting Tool
  • Efficient Re-Sizing with MunEDA WiCkeD Analysis and Sizing Tools
  • Save Time and Efforts
  • Make designer’s life more convenient and results reliable

Design Migration and Porting between Different Processes

With the trend to go fabless, many chip designs have to be migrated betweenprocess technologies and within internal and external foundry processes. MunEDAtools solve the challenges of such difficult design migration & sizing for full-customdesigns.Atthebeginningof–orduring–anewdesignproject,itisoftennecessarytouseand re-use available IP (intellectual property) and circuits from previous projects,instead of designing everything from scratch. Often a new design uses a new ordifferent process technology. Thus, it is necessary to migrate and apply givencircuit IP for use with this new target technology. Consequently, circuit designersmust adapt circuits to the new process by a time-consuming and tedious manualprocess very often.

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