Trimming for Analog Circuits

Analog Circuits Trimming and Optimization

Analog Design, Analog EDA


The webinar will present and discuss the new feature “Dependent Simulation for Trimming” in MunEDA WiCkeD Design Verification and Optimization Tool Suite. When trimming circuits it must be guaranteed that process corners have to be the same in different testbenches. Furthermore operating parameters like temp, Vdd, shoudl be constant in one testbench while simulate different ones in the other testbench. For this reason circuit designers now can use the new feature “dependent simulation for trimming” to calculate trimming values, modify testbenches and calculate performances quite easy. Supporting most standard circuit design frameworks and simulators.

In this webinar we will show:

  • define parameter – performance links for trimming between different testbenches with only one mouse click
  • correlate and connect circuit parameters and trimming values of different testbenches
  • automatically correct simulation of Monte Carlo, high-sigma analysis and circuit optimization

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