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Join MunEDA Webinar - Migrate Circuit Schematics with new MunEDA SPT 2.0 - Schematic Porting Tool

IC Design & CAD

Date / Time / Timezone:
2018-09-11 / 10:00:00 / PDT/PST
2018-09-11 / 13:00:00 / EDT/EST
2018-09-11 / 14:00:00 / BRT/BRST


IC design re-use is important for leveraging existing successful designs for continuous product improvement through-out the product lifecycle
Migrating circuit schematics from one source to another target technology - mostly for a smaller technology node - is often a very tedious task. I most cases the migration itself still will be done manually but can be automated and structured by using a tool solution very well. Circuit schematics are ported and migrated to the new target process using the models and PDK/CDF from the target process technology. After migration of all such schematics, the circuit designer assesses the ported IP and adapts the circuit topologies – when necessary – in schematic view. MunEDA shows how this steps will be done automatically using our latest versio nof SPT Schematic Porting Tool 2.0 in a tutorial case. Also an outlook will be given how to re-size, optimize and retarget the ported schematics to fit the performance and robustness specifications in the new target process technology.

Learning Targets:
Migrate Circuit Schematics with new MunEDA SPT 2.0 - Schematic Porting Tool
Circuit Designer, Design Manager, CAD Engineers, EDA Manager


Dr. Michael Pronath