MunEDA Webinars

EDADirect / MunEDA - How to use Variation Analysis to get “First-Time Right” Analog Designs

IC Design & CAD

Date / Time / Timezone:
2017-08-24 / 10:00:00 / PDT/PST
2017-08-24 / 13:00:00 / EDT/EST
2017-08-24 / 14:00:00 / BRT/BRST


Modern analog designs involve careful topology choices in order to achieve the best performance margin for meeting required product specs. However the effects of operating Voltage and Temperature variation eat away at that margin. Adding to this the effects of process drift and device mismatch usually leaves very little room for error. Accounting for all of these effects together can be overwhelming.
This presentation is focused on the various types of variation (operating, corner, mismatch, process drift) which invariably affect product performance and how to best to consider and account for them to realize first-time-right product release. Following on the success of our optimization webinar we will carefully explain each type of variation and how to use MunEDA WiCkeD variation platform to fully characterize your circuit

Learning Targets:
•How and when to apply different variational analysis techniques (worst-case PVT, Monte Carlo, combined MC and worst-case PVT) depending on the distribution behavior of the design.
•How can MunEDA variation analysis tools be leveraged to achieve first-time-right analog / mixed-signal designs.
•How can I best evaluate variation in my designs to make sure there are no surprises after product release


Dr. Michael Pronath