MunEDA Webinars

Low Power Circuit Sizing for IoT

IC Design & CAD

Date / Time / Timezone:
2017-06-01 / 10:00:00 / PDT/PST
2017-06-01 / 13:00:00 / EDT/EST
2017-06-01 / 14:00:00 / BRT/BRST


IoT devices are diverse in nature but are typically constrained by limited power availability, limited area budget and the need for modularity of design. The burden of ultra-low-power budget unfortunately doesn't necessarily mean that other performance requirements are relaxed! This presentation is geared towards designers of IoT devices including sensors, MEMS, mobile devices, medical sensors, wireless communication devices, near field communication devices, energy harvesting designs, mobile devices, and wireless communication devices. We will focus on how automated sizing tools can be used to enhance rather than replace your existing design expertise to help ease these difficult trade-offs. We will also show how MunEDA sensitivity features can be used for confirming design hypotheses and how the overall MunEDA Verification and Optimization Environment can help you systematically and fully explore your design's operating, design and statistical design space.

Learning Targets:
•Why is multi-objective automated circuit sizing challenging for IoT designs.
•How can MunEDA automated sizing tools be leveraged to achieve high-performance and reliable IoT designs.
•How are statistics incorporated into sizing to consider device mismatch and process centering.
•What is the technology behind the MunEDA automated sizing environment -- with enough math/statistics to be interesting but not overwhelming.
•How can MunEDA sensitivity-based tools be useful to test and confirm and validate current intuition of my IoT designs.


Dr. Michael Pronath