Circuit Sizing & Tuning with WiCkeDTM

Meet performance specifications over all types of variation, design and operation parameters with MunEDA sizing & optimization tools

Circuit Sizing & Tuning with MunEDA WiCkeDTM

MunEDA provides with its comprehensive and powerful WiCkeDTM suite tools for simulation-based sizing and tuning of Custom IC to support circuit designers to improve their custom circuits regarding constraint fulfilment, performance specifications, robustness, targets for yield, area, stability, timing, power, reliability, aging, degradation, stress, self heating and more...

Features of WiCkeDTM Circuit Verification tools including

  • Circuit Contraint & Feasibility Optimization
  • Deterministic Nominal Circuit Optimization
  • Global Nominal Circuit Optimization
  • Yield Optimization
  • Circuit sizing under consideration of degradation and reliability effects
  • Parallel simulation environment (supporting industry-standard SPICE simulators)
  • Multitestbench-Support
  • ... and many more

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Customer References - Performance & Corner based Sizing & Tuning

MunEDA circuit sizing & tuning tools are successfully proven in thousands industrial circuit design projects with global semiconductor companies since many years.