Tools for Circuit Design Migration and Re-Sizing
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MunEDA provides leading edge tools for the migration, analysis, modelling and optimization of custom, analog and RF IC designs.

MunEDA's WiCkeD design tool suite is the industry's most advanced solution for optimization and verification of Custom IC Designs. Integrated into most industrial standard design and simulation environments WiCkeD delivers powerful and leading-edge tools to complement these flows and fill-up existing gaps or limitations. Additionally MunEDA offers outstanding solutions from partners for optical and display tools as well as custom layout. The tools offered by MunEDA enhance designers to speed-up their sizing and verification tasks as well achieving quality level far beyond of existing standard tools limits.

Schematic Porting Tool (SPT) - Circuit Design Migration & Porting
MunEDA SPT Schematic Porting Tool is the first commercially available solution for automated circuit migration and design porting between different process technologies. It can be used to migrate existing IP from a source PDK to a target PDK saving lots of migration time and effort.
WiCkeDTM - Circuit Analysis & Verification
WiCkeDTM - Circuit analysis & verification tools include numerous features and functionalities for enhanced circuit design analysis, diagnosis and verification. This contains single and multi-testbench capabilities, multi-simulator-analysis, scripting support by multi-script-languages, sensitivity analysis, nominal and performance diagnosis, constraint management, design space exploration, PVT corner analysis, Statistical Yield Analysis, Monte Carlo Analysis, High- and Ultra-High-Sigma-Analysis (3 to 9 sigma and more), mismatch analysis, reliability analysis, area analysis, power analysis and many more.
WiCkeDTM - Circuit Sizing & Optimization
WiCkeDTM includes the best-in-class optimization and sizing tools on the market including functionality for constraint fulfilment and feasibility optimization, performance optimization, power optimization, area optimization, yield optimization, reliability optimization and many more. WiCkeD’s optimization tools have been successfully used in hundreds of design and tape-out projects within the last decade in all kind process technology.
WiCkeDTM - Circuit Modeling
WiCkeD Circuit Modeling supports the designer during the analysis of the designs with giving the capabilities to reduce the design problem complexity and required simulation time generating performance models for existing circuit block.
Layout Viewer Solutions
MunEDA offers the outstanding tools of our solution partner Empyrean / ICSCape for faster layout viewing.