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ZMD, X-Fab & MunEDA will present paper and session at SCD09 Semiconductor Conference Dresden 29/30 April 2009

Dresden, Germany - Friday, April 03rd, 2009

ZMD, X-Fab & MunEDA will present a common paper and session at this year SCD Semiconductor Conference Dresden ( The paper and session will be presented by Udo Sobe, Karl-Heinz Rooch, Dietmar Mörtl and Achim Graupner from ZMD AG, Dresden, Andre Lerch from X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG, Erfurt and Michael Pronath from MunEDA GmbH, München.

The paper and session covers the topic Verification Method for Analog and Mixed Circuits Considering Performance Parameters and Safe Operating Area (SOA) Constraints. This publication will cover important results in research of influences of operating conditions on circuit robustness and reliability in front-end circuit design.

The SCD09 is an leading international Conference, Workshop and Table-top Exhibition for Chip, Packaging, Design, Simulation and Test and will take place at 2009 April 29/30 in the Kulturpalast Dresden.

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