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MunEDA User Group Meeting Europe 2007 successfully held in Munich September 25/26, 2007

Munich, Germany - Thursday, September 27th, 2007

MunEDA User Group Meeting Europe 2007 with special topic Design Flow & Technology Integration of nominal and statistical sizing methods successfully held in Munich September 25/26, 2007

The MunEDA User Group Meeting Europe 2007 took successfully place as two-day event at September 25/26th 2007 in City Hilton Munich. WiCkeD users from worldwide companies and institutes participated at this outstanding technical event e.g. Infineon, STMicroelectronics, austriamicrosystems, Synopsys, ZMD, X-Fab, Bosch, IMMS, Qimonda, National Semiconductor, Technische Universität München, University of Frankfurt, Fraunhofer, TU Ilmenau, IMS-Chips and others. MUGM is an open forum that provides MunEDA users the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss problems and explore solutions. It also gives users a chance to meet with MunEDA executives, developers and support engineers. The program is highly technical and developed by users with an emphasis on customer issues.

The MUGM Europe 2007 with focus on the special topic DESIGN FLOW & TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION OF NOMINAL AND STATISTICAL SIZING METHODS hosted more than 17 contributions of WiCkeD design flow integration and application cases as well as presentations about related research activities based or in combination with MunEDA’s DFM-DFY methodologies.

The main topic was addressed by contributions of large integrated device manufacturers like STMicroelectronics, Infineon, austriamicrosystems and X-Fab Semiconductor Foundries:

Pierluigi Daglio, AMS Flows & Methods Manager NVM Design Platform, FTM Central CAD & Design Solutions, from STMicroelectronics Srl. in Agrate Italy presented Designflow Architecture and Integration of Statistical Sizing Methods in STMicroelectronics Non-Volatile-Memory (NVM) and Automotive Flow. Main focus was on presentation of an realized full-integrated AMS Design Flow concept with WiCkeD within STMicroelectronics design environment UNICAD. Pierluigi Daglio: "Directors should push design managers to use new tools for sign-off before sending the project to fabrication. This needs alignment of the management chain between CAD and design divisions".

Thomas Mörth, Section Manager Design Support from austriamicrosystems AG, Premstätten, Austria, presented the Qualification of WiCkeD for the austriamicrosystems DFM-DFY design flow. Here he gave an overview about austriamicrosystems’ analog DFM-Flow with the modules Pre-Layout, Layout & Verification and Post-Layout. Main further topics have been the handling of callbacks, simulation models, the technology setup as well as the server farm integration of such a flow.

Dr. Eckhard Hennig, Senior Staff CAD Engineer from Infineon Technologies Automotive Business Group in Neubiberg, Germany, presented the Integration of Statistical Sizing Methods in Infineon’s Analog-Mixed-Signal-Flow AMIX. Here he focussed especially on the statistical device model implementation for Cadence Spectre and WiCkeD as well as the requirements in statistical process modelling. Eckhard Hennig: "Accurate yield prediction requires precise statistical process modelling. Therefore gathering reliable statistical data requires long-term process observation."

Dr. Hagen Wald, Process Characterization Manager, from X-Fab and Dr. Volker Boos, Senior R&D Specialist from IMMS presented the Technology Setup for WiCkeD in X-FAB CMOS and BiCMOS Process for Automotive and Sensor Applications. Main focus here was the individual integration of the X-FAB models in the design kits of the 600nm, 350nm and 180nm technologies. Furthermore the results were shown with two circuit examples of a P-MOS differential amplifier and a High-Voltage Power-Supply OpAmp in SOI technology.

Furthermore selected WiCkeD application cases were presented by Elena Raciti from STMicroelectronics, Manfred Mauthe and Andreas Hebenstreit from Infineon, Jun Zou from Qimonda, Dr. Udo Sobe and Karl-Heinz Rooch from ZMD, and Ronny Frevert from Fraunhofer IIS EAS.

Xiaoxing Wang from University Frankfurt and Dr. Helmut Gräb from Technische Universität München presented outstanding research topics like Automatic Analog Circuit Synthesis using WiCkeD and PLL Hierarchical Optimization Methodology Considering Jitter, Power and Locking Time.

As special session Prof. Dr. Ralf Sommer, Technical Managing Director of IMMS and Head of EDA-Institute of TU Ilmenau gave an challenging outlook into Challenges in Analog/Mixed-Signal EDA.

Together with EDA partner Synopsys Dr. Frank Schenkel from MunEDA presented an Automatic Flow for Library Cell Optimization that currently will be developed within a cooperation of Synopsys and MunEDA. This flow will be also presented by Uwe Trautner from Synopsys and MunEDA at Synopsys User Group Meeting SNUG Europe in Munich in October 2007.

Andreas Ripp, Vice President Sales & Marketing: "With more than 40 participants we nearly doubled our quote from MUGM Europe 2006 last year. With the MunEDA User Group Meeting we want to give our existing and new users a platform for easy and direct inter- and intra-company experience exchange. The positive feedback from all participants confirmed our strategy to organise this outstanding event also in the future and even to have in 2008 two MUGM one in Anaheim/USA at June 13th 2008, connected to Design Automation Conference DAC 2008, as well as the traditional MUGM Europe in autumn 2008 Munich/Germany. Thank to all MUGM authors, technical committee members, and attendees for making MUGM a valuable and successful user conference."

The social event after the first day of User Group Meeting Europe 2007 took place at traditional Munich Oktoberfest.

Download MUGM Europe 2007 Proceedings

Participants of MunEDA User Group Meeting Europe 2007 from:
Infineon, National Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, austriamicrosystems, Synopsys, Bosch, ZMD, X-Fab, IMMS,
Qimonda, Technische Universität München, University of Frankfurt, Fraunhofer, TU Ilmenau, IMS-Chips and MunEDA

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