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MunEDA project partner in German funding project SIGMA65 together with Infineon and Fraunhofer

Munich/Dresden, Germany - Monday, April 02nd, 2007

MunEDA is project partner in the recently started German R&D project SIGMA65 – Technology based modelling and analysis methods under consideration of variations in the 65nm node and below. The main focus of the project with a three-year duration from Oct2006 until Sep2009 will be on research and development for the challenges of the new technology nodes in 65nm and below CMOS design. Further project partners are Infineon Technologies and Fraunhofer EAS IIS as well as Technische Universität München and Universität Hannover as sub-contractors. This project is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research BMBF (Project ID 01M3080A).

Based on decreasing feature size in such new technologies the relationship between devices on chip and their environment gets more and more critical. Tolerances in manufacturing within a chip and from chip to chip play in sub-100nm-area an important role and therefore have to be fully considered already during the design and layout process. The project combines the design steps strongly correlated with the technologies. Within the project methods and algorithms will be developed that generate abstracted models of statistical variations of parameters of higher design levels based on the basic transistor-level circuit blocks. The new model are intended to describe effects and behavioural models with their consequences as detailed as possible.

Dr. Michael Pronath, MunEDA Vice President Products & Solutions and Leader of the Sigma65-Workpackage Statistical Modelling and Sizing of Basic Cells: "Having a portion of more than 10 man years in Sigma65 this opportunity and also the significant public funding gives MunEDA additional backing in forcing the research and development of methods for the next-generation technology challenges. Bringing variation analysis and optimization capabilities in the digital area is key in handling the design challenges for 65nm and below technologies."

The project is coordinated by Dr. Manfred Dietrich, Head of Department for Design Methods for Nanoelectronics from Fraunhofer IIS EAS in Dresden.

Find more information at the official SIGMA65 project webpage:

...and at the pages of edacentrum:

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