MunEDA User Group Meetings

MUGM MunEDA User Group Meeting 2017, Nov 07th / Nov 08th - Presentations

STMicroelectronics - MUGM 2017 Chair Opening Remarks

MunEDA 2017 - What's new in WiCkeD 7.1 - Integration & R&D Roadmap (MUGM 2017)

Empyrean / ICScape - Verification for Silicon Success

MunEDA - Tutorial - SPT 2.0 - Circuit Migration with New GUI-Version SPT 2.0 (MUGM 2017)

SMIC - Usage of WiCkeD in SMIC's Flash Applications

STMicroelectronics - Design optimization and Retargeting Strategies of Standard Cells with WiCkeD in 28nm FDSOI Technology

X-FAB - Your More-Than-Moore foundry partner

MunEDA - Tutorial - Worst Case Analysis Methodology with WiCkeD (MUGM 2017)

Infineon - High Sigma Verification of SRAM cells

Infineon - RESIST RESilient Integrated SysTems (EU CATRENE Project RESIST)

TUM - Munich Technical University - Power-Down Synthesis for Analog Circuits

MunEDA - Tutorial - Low-Power Circuit Sizing for Custom IC (MUGM 2017)

Robert Bosch / University Reutlingen - A Generic Topology Selection Method of Analog Circuits with Embedded Circuit Sizing Demonstrated on OTA Example

STMicroelectronics - Read Path Optimization for 40nm Technology

Novatek - Optimization and Evaluation of Interface Circuits with WiCkeD

MunEDA - Tutorial - SRAM Hierarchical Read Failure Analysis (MUGM 2017)

SKHynix - Fail analysis of Digital Temperature Sensors with WiCkeD in Non-Volatile Memory

LinkGlobal21 - Optic Simulation Solutions in High End Devices

TUM - Munich Technical University - Robustness Optimization for MEMS-IC Systems

MunEDA - Tutorial - Flip-Flop High-Sigma Robustness Verification and Sizing with WiCkeD (MUGM 2017)

Jena University - Optimization of a Low-power Fully Differential OTA with WiCkeD and an Introduction to Modelling the Performance Space of Front-ends for Thermoelectric Sensor Arrays

Chipus Microelectronics S.A. - Robustness verification for trimmed references

CTI - Circuit Analysis and Optimization of Voltage Reference