Tools for Circuit Design Migration and Re-Sizing
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WiCkeD Tool Suite for Nominal and Statistical Custom IC Design

MunEDA offers within its EDA software tool suite WiCkeD numerous and powerful tools for intensive circuit analysis, modeling and model generation, sizing and optimization and IP porting. WiCkeD supports all kind of custom IC design based on nominal process, PVT corner and statistical process variation data. MunEDA WiCkeD tools can be configured and licensed by the customer based on the specific and individual needs of the underlying design projects.

WiCkeD Tools Overview

MunEDA WiCkeD offers both, interactive design analysis and diagnosis tools and fully-automatic sizing and optimization tools.

Both complement the designer in its familiar manual or tool-supported designflow.

For more information about the individual solutions please select the Specific Tool Area you are interested in:
WiCkeD Tools &
Designflow Integration Overview

MunEDA WiCkeD tools are seamlessly integrated into the main industrial standard simulation environments and design frameworks but also support customer specific inhouse simulators and designflows.

For more information about the different simulation environment and designframework integrations select WiCkeD Designflow Integration: